Cian Duggan


Cian Duggan was born in Ireland in 1990 and lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Duggan was brought up on skate culture during his teenage years. He draws inspiration from its bootleg and DIY culture, mixing it all up with an interest in industrial materials and design. He plays with the known and the unexpected, combining organic, yet alien shapes with human and figurative elements. Most of his work is on the walls and streets of places he visits.


Duggan’s abstract forms appear otherworldly; they hover with a static tension that animates them, as extra-terrestrial life forms, or portals to another dimension. They coexist with their surroundings, rather than overtake it. They exist somewhere between memory and imagination, primitive and futuristic, organic and digital. The evocation of the familiar rendered unfamiliar lending the forms their oddness.