Nadège David


“My research on the relationship between the individual, the body and the world, continues with a powerful emergence of forms of nature. The body, the flesh and nature merge in a formal complexity where ‘the flesh of the world’ is revealed. My creative process is a constant negotiation between intuition and reason. The dynamic relationship between colour and drawing underpins the ethos of my work. Through the vibrant dialogue composed of colour and gestural forms, a multiplicity of narrative potential unfolds gradually. These narratives are anchored in a theoretical breeding ground. The ‘new’ philosophy of nature, the ancient myth of Erysichthon, Pierre de Ronsard’s Forest of Gastine and the paintings by Hieronymus Bosch all played a role in this series. Throughout this dialogue, the borders between plants, animals and humans instituted by language and the senses begin to fade. Interconnections are revealed, hierarchies are erased. A narration of the particularity of complex beings then emerges.” 



Born in 1975 in France, Nadège David received an MA in Political Philosophy at University La Sorbonne,  Paris, France and an MA in Contemporary Political Philosophy, University Paris VIII, Paris, France. She was  a lecturer in Sociology at University Marne La Vallée, France between 2001 and 2005. 

David’s exhibitions include Experience sweet and relaxing dreams, Mai’s Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City,  Vietnam and of reveries and obsessions, Soil-Less®, and Carne Vale at Galerie Quynh, Ho Chi Minh City,  Vietnam. 

Nadège David lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City.