Will Thurman


Populated with hybrid characters - creatures part human, part animal, part object - Will Thurman's  paintings reflect a disorienting state of existence; the deluge of storylines makes it difficult to tell which  way is up. Thurman sends us tumbling through a parallel universe not quite distinct from ours, where  the comedic blends with the downright bleak and sadistic.

Many of his canvases contain paintings within paintings - mise en abyme that draw attention to the  plethora of lenses through which a single story can be told - and retold, and retold. Thurman is  meticulous in his expression; for the artist painting is disciplined, routine labor. Yet despite such control  over his own practice, his artworks offer a singular freedom: to place oneself within his scenes, navigate  the topsy-turvy landscape, and intervene in their happenings.

Will Thurman (born 1989, New York) received his academic training at the University of Wisconsin Madison in the U.S. After completing his studies in 2009, he moved to Vietnam and worked as a reporter  for a local crime tabloid sometimes taking assignments in Cambodia where he also boxed semi professionally. Thurman has lived in many regions of Vietnam and while preferring the countryside, he  is currently based in Ho Chi Minh City.

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