Life Paintings, volume 2: Will Thurman

18 January - 5 March 2022

Creation Story. Red leather, Warthogs, and Wandering Monks past Midnight. Standing on the edge,  fishing for a something (Source). Pickup basketball in Miami and in Âm-ê-ríc-ă they drive police trucks  on the beach. There was a lady from a hilltribe in Daklak who moved to Saigon and was forced to work  16 hours a day in a windowless kitchen. She spoke a beautiful language that I wanted to learn. Public  transportation will get you there. Whom is better than Whom. Space. songs that stick. Goodbye forest,  goodbye sand, goodbye future: the enemy, the foe---The Excavator. Under the Abyss lies the Darkness  (Jump). Correctness. Living in a place that’s not real. The crisp, hard, sweet-sour fate of the Vagrant.  Bluek Seas. Grey Skies. The Green Current. Fresh off an afternoon rain Blue. Cream cake Yellow.  Rivergrass Green. Papaya Orange. Really Red. just Purple. On One’s Own. The Association of Wild  Rabid Animals. Ease. To Fancy. First it was about God. Then it was about Money. Completion.  Renunciation, removal. Color 

Ox without an oxcart. Graffiti on a garbagetruck, feeling for the Moon. You, the myth, towing the rat,  once proclaimed "---". Untitled narration from an unexpected guest. Listen to the green blob. Stand high  above the turquoise abstraction. Warm yourself under the pinkish-red smear. Own the orangeness. In  Communion. 

Galerie Quynh is delighted to present volume 2 of Life Paintings by Will Thurman.

Installation Views